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March 1​​2th – Merck Dairy Care 365 – Best practices in employee training and managing, protecting your dairy’s reputation and more!
April 7th – Zoetis producer lunch meeting – Heifer reproduction, heifer economics and u​​tilizing g​​enomics on a commercial dairy.
May 25th-27th – Master Hoof Care Technician Program with Dr. Jan Shearer, internationally renowned expert in cattle lameness and welfare.

Tule River Veterinary

Tule River Veterinary Services, Inc is a full service bovine practice serving dairy and beef clients in the central San Joaquin Valley. We provide all of the traditional services to our clients such as pregnancy diagnosis, herd health, milk quality and surgical procedures. In addition, we offer consultative reviews of the economics of dairy operations, calf management and provide on-farm training for a variety of topics.

Our Services
  • Records Analysis
    • Dairy Comp 305 & DHI Plus
    • Reproductive record analysis and evaluation
    • Mastitis and Somatic Cell problems and evaluation
    • Economics
    • Review of economics and profitability of all phases of dairy operation
    • Calf Rearing, Feeding, Mastitis, Facilities, etc.
  • Reproductive Services
    • Pregnancy palpation
    • Ultrasonography
    • Ovarian structure evaluation
  • Herd Health
    • Vaccination Programs
    • Fresh Cow Management
    • Calf Management
    • Serum protein evaluation
    • Consultations to identify issues in calf programs
    • Necropsy services available through the U.C. Davis VMTRC in Tulare
  • Milk Lab
    • Mastitis culturing to identify environmental and contagious pathogens
    • Colostrum culturing
  • On-Farm Training
    • Milker training
    • Milking procedure review and evaluation
    • Calving training and education
    • Proper euthanasia of “down cows”
    • Herdsman training
  • Surgery/ Emergency
    • Dystocia
    • Left displaced abomasum
    • Right displaced abomasum
    • Cesarian section
    • Fetotomy
    • Prolapsed uterus
    • Prolapsed vagina
    • Laceration repair
    • Enucleation
  • Regulatory
    • Brucellosis Vaccination
    • TB testing
    • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection

Tule River Veterinary Services, Inc

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